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 +====== Proxies ======
 +Experimental approach and climate modeling**
 +Geochemical and biogenic tracers (carbon and oxygen isotopes, Mg/Ca ratio on foraminifera shells) for reconstructions of paleo-hydrological changes and in particular salinity and temperature of surface and subsurface waters.
 +Changes in the balance between the different clay families, physico-chemical properties of the magnetic fraction, and variations of major elements for assessing the time variability of the terrigenous inputs.
 +Micro-granulometry (laser technique and sortable silt), magnetic anisotropy used as deep water dynamic proxies coupled with benthic carbon isotopes for properties of deep and intermediate water masses. 
 +Oxygen isotope records and the radiocarbon dating will be coupled with records of vectorial variations of the earth magnetic field (intensity and direction) to provide precise and reliable time scales.
 +Data-model comparison using interactive ocean-atmosphere and ocean-atmosphere-vegetation models. Response of the climate system to changes in insolation induced by the slow variations in the Earth’s orbital parameters, with emphasis on the relative variations of the different monsoon sub-systems. and the ENSO/monsoon teleconnection