Key Actions

  • CIRCEA oceanographic cruise onboard R/V Marion Dufresne in June 2012
  • Visit to France (GEOPS) of Zhifei LIU (MGLab) in June 2013
  • CHEN Quan arrival at LSCE in January 2014 for a two years period (PhD thesis, jointly supervised by Prof. Z. LIU, Tongji Univ. and C. KISSEL, LSCE). “Reconstruction of past changes in the detrical input and transport by the different water masses in the northern basin in the South China Sea (2012-CIRCEA cruise).
  • WU Qiong (IDES) PhD thesis defense planned on the 8th September 2014. “Nd isotopic composition (εNd) of seawater and biogenic material to reconstruct the intermediate-deep water hydrology in the SCS and its evolution during the last glacial time”.
  • LIA-MONOCL 2014 was organized on the 4th-6th September 2014 at LSCE, France.
  • DANG Haowen (Tongji Univ.) PhD thesis defense on March, 20th 2015. “Past changes in the structure of the upper water column in the Halmahera Sea (core MD10-3340, 2010 MONOCIR cruise)”.
  • Visit to France (IMPMC and LSCE) of Dr. Jinhua LI (PGL, IGGCAS) April to June, 2015
  • 2 months stay in France (LSCE) in September-October 2015 of Luli GUSTIANTINI & Weipeng ZHENG.
  • February- March 2016: 4 weeks visit of Catherine KISSEL and Carlo LAJ to IGG-CAS in Beijing, 1 week at MGLab (Tongji University).

3 invited seminars Announcement :

  • Geomagnetic excursions
  • Environmental magnetism and Paleoceanography in the South China Sea an its surroundings
  • Oceanographic cruises on board the French R.V. Marion Dufresne

This was the opportunity for Antoine MYNARD (CNRS representative in China) to visit the Institute of Geology and Geophysics (photo). We could also attend on March 22 the party organized by the CNRS bureau in China to promote projects and scientific exchanges between France and China. *PHOTO GALLERIES*

  • March-April 2016 : Visit to GEOPS (Orsay-France) of Wu Qiong (MGLab)
  • March-May 2016 : Visit to GEOPS (Orsay-France) of Shun Lin (MGLab)
  • July-August 2016 : 2 months stay of Christophe COLIN in MGLab in Shanghai.
  • LIA-MONOCL 2017 organized on the 18th-20th September 2017 at IGG-CAS, Beijing.
  • September-October 2017 : Visit to GEOPS (Orsay-France) of Wu Qiong (MGLab)
  • September-November 2017 : Visit to GEOPS (Orsay-France) of Xiaodong Zhang (MGLab)
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